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About Us

Behind the Brand

Klub Nico is an family-run independent contemporary footwear brand based in Aptos, California.  Klub Nico was founded by designer Kelley Lehner in 2005 with the vision of designing high quality footwear that is unique yet timeless.  All of our styles have a feminine touch and an element of sophistication. We want women to feel empowered and confident while wearing their Klub Nico's.  Quite often women wearing Klub Nico will be stopped and asked "Where did you get your shoes?"

Special Occasion 

Klub Nico also has an evergreen Special Occasion Collection that Kelley designed with the day to evening concept.  The styles in this collection have intricate laser cut details and shimmery leathers that make our shoes special and unique.  The Special Occasion Collection uses an array of constructions offering heel heights and shapes for all occasion ranging from outdoor weddings to red carpet events.  What's even better is you can easily pair the same shoe with a pair of jeans and cashmere sweater. 


Each shoe is manufactured using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology in shoe making.  Klub Nico footwear is primarily manufactured in the south of Brazil in family owned factories who have been carrying on the footwear making tradition for over 40 years.  To create one pair of Klub Nico shoes, it will be touched by over 100 people from start to finish.  It is quite an amazing process and art form.